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Software Developer-Android

key Responsibilites:-

• Java & Kotlin Expertise: Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years of proficiency in Java and Kotlin, showcasing the ability to develop high-quality, scalable, and efficient code.

• Android Application Components: Utilize your knowledge of Android Application Components to design and implement cutting-edge features, ensuring the seamless integration of various elements for optimal user experience.

• Version Control: Proficient in using GIT as a version control system, ensuring collaborative and efficient code management within a team environment.

• Jetpack & Community Libraries: Leverage your experience with common Jetpack components and community libraries such as Room, WorkManager, Hilt and Navigation to enhance the functionality and performance of Android applications.

• Architectural Patterns: Apply your expertise in architectural patterns, including Clean Architecture, MVVM, MVI, and MVP, to design and develop robust and maintainable code.

• Code Quality Demonstrate a commitment to writing high-quality, clean (SOLID), and testable code, contributing to the overall excellence of the software development process.

• Continuous Learning: Display a strong eagerness to learn and adapt to new technologies, staying updated on the latest trends and best practices in Android development.

• Adaptability and Communication: Showcase the ability to adapt to various situations, coupled with excellent communication skills. Work effectively within a team, articulating ideas and solutions clearly.

• Willingness to Excel: Demonstrate a proactive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to take on new challenges, ensuring the continuous improvement of skills and contributions to the success of the team.

Qualification :-

• Good Level of Android mobile application, Android SDK, Android IDE, Core Java & Kotlin (2-5 years)

• Knowledge of Android Application Components (Activity, Services,

• Intent, Broadcast Receiver, Content Provider, Handlers

• Threads)

• Experience with common Jetpack & community libraries (Room, WorkManager, Hilt, RxJava…)

• Knowledge of architectural patterns (Clean Architecture, MVVM, MVP, MVI)

• Good working experience on working with Web Service Integration (Retrofit, OkHttp, REST, JSON, XML)

• Writing high-quality, clean(SOLID) & testable code

• Eager to learn new technologies

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